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Diversity & Inclusion Project: On Two Things (and more)

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What is The Two Things (and more) Project?

“On Two Things” Project is a platform for people I interview to present their two things, about the two things, Diversity & Inclusion.

Background & Motivation

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is an industry term given to a variety of topics that arise from differences in race, gender, religion and other groups where there are systemic advantages built in for a particular group (the “privileged”) where the members from the underrepresented group do not have the same access to those advantages.

We don’t have to be a refugee in camps or part of the police force scrutinized for shooting of innocent black children to feel the effects of D&I. The election of the first Black President in the US did not hoist our country to a post-racial world, nor did #metoo Movement afford women equal pay or representation. Black or White, or somewhere in between, women or men, or somewhere in between, able-bodied, -mind, or not, power struggles exist in this world and we have all experienced it from one side or another.

Being true to the site’s URL name, I wanted to embrace pith by playing the “Two Things Game” to tackle challenging and complex topics we face, such as Diversity and Inclusion. The Two Things Game is based on the premise that every topic, however complex, can be boiled down to two essential points, where other points are variations or subpoints or they are not that significant. The quote often attributed to Mark Twain, that “I wrote you a long letter, because I didn’t have time to write you a short one” represents what I want to aim: not to dumb down a complex subject, but reflect deeply from our experiences and distill them into manageable nuggets of wisdom. [See an example of the two things game here].

So here are the Two Things about the D&I Two Things:

  1. We are all affected by topics surrounding D&I regardless of who you are;
  2. We don’t have to be an expert to synthesize our own experiences to untangle the power struggle that is D&I

I started this project to capture “short sentences drawn from long experience,” of people around me with the hope that it will help me listen and understand better, the complexity of D&I, and the celebration of the human spirit, whatever shape and color we are born into.

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