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On Minimum Viable Instructions

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a popular concept in lean startup methodologies where one creates a mockup of the full finished product one envisions with the minimum viable features for … Continue reading

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On Links for Startups & Entrepreneurs

With the advent of the Internet, it is no longer the case that we are missing out on information. We now have the opposite problem of having massive amounts of … Continue reading

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On Personality Tests & Assessments

One of the challenges a new leader finds going into an organization is that s/he has to assess the new environment quickly. Some leaders have an intuitive sense for other … Continue reading

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On Common Problems in a Discipline, a Chekhov’s Gun, and “The Two Things”

I remember being so impressed when a conductor friend of mine (the musical, not the vehicular variety) could tell which parts of a concert I had issues with when he … Continue reading

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On Innovation and Being Innovative: Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 Silicon Valley

When I moved to Silicon Valley, I attended many meetups and networking events for entrepreneurs. The experience quickly shattered the ideological impression I had of Silicon Valley. It came as … Continue reading

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On Hiring: Reference Checks

Reference checks can be insightful when making a hiring decision but this step is sometimes overlooked. Here are my notes for when I trained first time managers on hiring. To … Continue reading

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On Quick Performance Notes

Confrontation is hard. All too often, managers don’t take the time to provide quick feedback because of it. It may be easier to batch them up for an annual performance review, … Continue reading

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On Calling Upon Your Best Self

Some days it is easy to feel like the world is purposely against us, where the slogan for resistentialism, “Les chose sont contre nous (things are against us)”  best describes … Continue reading

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On Diversity Among Women

There are hundreds of “meetups”, events, conferences and workshops every week on a variety of topics in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I go to startup or tech meetups, the … Continue reading

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On Concept Vocabulary: Purple Squirrel

One metric of the development of a unique culture can be the vocabulary its community creates or existing terms that take on new meaning. We’ve heard many come out of Silicon … Continue reading

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