Sticky Notes of Thoughts

…because some thoughts are worth remembering

About this blog



As an anti-diary of sorts, I wanted to commit to reflecting on the day without writing out the routines of the day: just the thoughts and ideas I would want to commit to paper. Sometimes they are my own thoughts or a synthesis of other people’s thoughts. Others are more factual, like a recipe or a famous quote. My constraints aren’t topic-based but that 1) it be something I want to remember a year later, and 2) it (or at least its essence) be short enough to fit on a sticky note.

Because many of the notes were in response to questions my friends and clients posed, I thought it might be of help to others outside of my immediate network, by synthesizing the sticky note scribbles to a full thought and why it mattered to me. Through this blog, I wanted to hear from others who had similar experiences and insights, as well as others who can add or question my assumptions.


This idea came from my admiration for people who successfully kept journals. I tried many times, but by the third day, I would end up ripping out the first pages because I had already found what I wrote loathing. My friend who diligently keeps a journal, does something even more amazing: on the first day of the year, he reads his journal entries from the previous year…all 356 of them, cover to cover. His practice got me thinking. It made me realize that daily record keeping can have two very different purposes. When diaries are used to help you process the day, the benefit of the writing is for that moment; therefore, it’s rarely an interesting read a year later (except to see larger trends). One can also use journals to record specifically things you would want to remember later. My problem was that I was writing a diary with the framework of processing the day when I wanted the entries as information I would want to be reminded of later.

A few years ago, I made a new year’s resolution to have a thought, read or learn something worth noting, on a daily basis. Whatever I decided to commit to writing must be internally processed enough to fit on a sticky note. Sometimes it would be a passage of what I was reading that intrigued me, other times it was something I found myself repeating to someone, like a time- management trick. Sometimes it will be more emotional, like a reaction to an event that lead to a thought while traveling, while other stickies simply had names of documentaries I wanted to remember to check out.

While I found the exercise engaging, it was hard to get myself to read all the entries on New Year’s Day. I am starting this blog to make myself go through them and elaborate on these sticky notes to transform my scribbles to coherent posts.

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