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On Games: Uncovered Introductions

We get asked to introduce ourselves all the time.

We tend to fall into the standard of:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Association (company, school, organization)

and if you are out of town, or at conferences,

  • Where you flew in from

We are so much more than that, and sometimes why you came to the event or why you are introducing to someone else might have little to do with the info disclosed in the standard intro.

I learned a new “game” for doing introductions at a conference.

Simultaneous “Uncovered” Introductions

Time Duration: 1 minute x number of people in the group

Number of people: 2 is best, but works ok with 3 or 4.

When to play: when you find yourself asking the room to introduce yourself to your neighbor(s) or in small groups for whatever reason.

How to play:

  1. Facilitator/organizer asks everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor(s): 30 second each
  2. Facilitator interrupts after the first intros are completed and then asks the crowd to repeat the process but this time, without mentioning any of the information you already provided.

Goal: to get people to disclose something about themselves other than the standard affiliations.

Great warm up to a smaller group discussion (when the large group breaks up into smaller groups for a discussion).

Photo: Small plates at Tartare Café & Wine Bar, Galway, Ireland

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