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On Contradictory Solutions


Here’s a Buddhist saying to remember at the beginning of an action-packed week (that makes you go, “huh?”):

“The fastest way from point A to point B is to be fully at point A.”

Not quite a corollary, but related, is a mantra I overheard:

“To go fast, go slow.”

These sayings sound contradictory, but their wisdom is in pointing out that without mindfulness and acceptance of the present, we simply rush to get to the goal often having to retrack our footsteps, redo our work. Being deliberate about the goal and the process to get there is worth taking the time, which allows you to accomplish the goal in a timely manner (and well). To get it, you can’t want it too much, or at least be mesmerized by the allure of “getting it done”. We must wash the dishes to do the dishes, not to rush to have clean dishes.

What seems contradictory on the surface isn’t contradictory at all when one is mindful.




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