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On New Knowledge vs. Reminders

Fish market in Baltimore

Commenting on the popularity of self-help books, an author who felt like her book was more a helpful book rather than a self-help book, said:

“More people need to be reminded [rather] than informed.” ~Gretchen Rubin

I agree. Sure, there is joy in discovering new knowledge which encourages us to apply it to our lives, but more often then not, we find ourselves saying “yeah, I knew that”. The “yeah, I knew that” sentiment is important because it reminds us that the answer was within us all along and we needed an external push to unearth it. It acts like an old friend who continue to treat us with the values they know we had, no matter where our careers, relationships, and physical address took us.

I value the teachings of those who came before me, and the most helpful ones know when and how to remind me what I already knew, like an old friend.

Photo: A sign at a market in Baltimore, Delaware

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