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On Design & Functionality


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
~Steve Jobs

Successful designs anticipate the needs of the user. There is no excuse for a design that doesn’t take into account how it works, because one doesn’t even have to be thoughtful. It just needed to be used for the purpose it was created for. I think about it every time I have to open some plastic sauce packet that doesn’t have a pre-cut area you can tear. The manufacturers knew people wanted the contents of the packet to be used, right? If the packets were meant to be opened, why not pre-cut a small slit to make it easier to tear it open?

So many design decisions (including non-physical objects) can be improved by knowing who is the object for and how will it be used. Why design a 4-day conference if the target audience can’t travel or leave the office for 4 days? Textbooks in the U.S. are so thick and heavy that children now have backpacks with wheels that they roll around like a suitcase. Who was the textbook written for, teachers or students, libraries to hold as reference or classrooms and homes?

Photo: Tiled roofs in Kyoto, Japan

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