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On Definitions of Creativity

Miro Scupture?

The authors of Wired to Create shared different definitions of creativity. Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman mentioned scientists trying to define creativity in terms of novelty and usefulness, that is to say the ability to generate new ideas that have meaning to others. Kaufman pointed out that the key distinction between expertise and creativity is that expertise is characterized by efficiency (i.e., when you are an expert in doing something, it is performed quicker with an optimized method) where creativity is marked by the variability in the process.

Carolyn Gregoire (also, author of the article, 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently) defined it as authentic self-expression, something we hope we are all capable of.

[My notes from listening to their interview on the Leonard Lopate Show, January 8, 2016]

Photo: Miro sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

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