Sticky Notes of Thoughts

…because some thoughts are worth remembering

On Sticky Notes (revisited)


I have a sticky note pad wherever I go, and beside my bed. Distilling the thoughts enough to be able to articulate them in the limited space of a sticky note gets to the essence of the thoughts. There’s some value in capturing thoughts as they occur, and being able to reflect back on them.

While it started as a way to capture fleeting thoughts and remember facts or references I wanted to revisit, it also allowed me to live more deliberately.

Being present throughout the day, I would be sure to catch these thoughts; and in catching these thoughts, it encouraged me to continue to be present.

Sharing them on this blog, I hope to synthesizing the essence of my thoughts on the sticky notes by putting them in context. Because sometimes we need a creative constraint and an audience to articulate our thoughts.

Photo: The piles of sticky notes to be organized into topics for blog posts

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