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On “Don’t Worry, Be Crappy”

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In The Art of Innovation, Guy Kawasaki lists “Don’t worry be crappy” as a piece of advice. It’s a sentiment that would be popularlized and codified more fully precursor to the lean startup methodology’s minimum viable product, or MVP.

The idea that the product is not the ultimate output and the end, but part of the process of innovation and the start of the improvement process, can and should be applied to other fields than introducing a commercial product or a service, and software development.

The idea to share the work in progress is not new to the writing process, where outlines and drafts are shared with your teacher or editor. But the idea to not worry about how “crappy” they might be points to prioritizing the “well-being” of the product, whatever they are, rather than your own vanity for wanting whatever you produced to be great from the start. It’s more important to see that the pumping out the product is part of the process for  producing a better product (just as writing can be a process or a product).

While Kawasaki’s catchy “Don’t worry, be crappy” maxim, based on Bobby McFerrin’s song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is easy to remember, philosophers and politicians from the past have also echoed this sentiment:

“Impossible better is forever the enemy of the possible good”
~Teddy Roosevelt

And we should continue to practice this lesson.

(For lessons Guy Kawasaki learned from Steve Jobs, click here)

Photo: In the heart of Silicon Valley, a nerd provides a reality check on this topic, Hacker Dojo, a coworking space in Mountain View, California

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