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On Seduction of Efficiency


Too often when we say “better”, it implies faster and cheaper, which calls for efficiency. But when we don’t frame what we desire by first asking what is motivating us to improve the situation/system, we can fall into blindly making something more efficient, whether we were on the right track to make improvements that really addressed the underlying goal to be consistent with our motivation.

“There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all” ~Peter Drucker

It’s easy to confuse correlation with causation and mimic the behaviors that seem appropriate when we don’t articulate and communicate our motivation to others. We forget that the same behaviors can be an articulation of other value systems.

Fear is an effective emotion often exploited to get us moving, but we rarely suffer from fear of not moving in the right direction.

Photo: Midsummer night celebrations in Denmark, called St. John’s Eve (Sankthansaften) involves burning a witch doll on a bonfire on a beach.

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