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On New Traditions

Sign in the kitchen of Omas Bakery in Idyllwild

My friends and I started a new tradition a few years ago, to have a party the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy each others’ company, called Day After Thanksgiving Left-Over Get Together.

It’s stress-free in terms of preparation, because you already straightened out the house for Thanksgiving, and there’s no cooking because there are leftovers. While Thanksgiving is with your family, the Day After gathering is all about friends.

Everyone brings their leftovers, and it seems to work every year. Someone who hosted a large family gathering usually brings the turkey, and if they didn’t host any one and didn’t have left overs, usually bring drinks.

With more commercial traditions being injected into our culture, like Black Friday, it’s good to introduce a tradition where it’s all about the gathering of good friends with no stress about turkey being dry, or if the side dish impresses the guest. The expectation is set to not worry about the food (simply bring the leftovers or what you can) and focus on having engaging conversations. The added bonus: if you were going to be sick of your leftovers, it’s a good way to eat them up quicker, and also a great way to taste other people’s home cooking.





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