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On Acronyms as Reminders for Mindfulness (RAIN)


There is no shortcuts to mindfulness. There is no way around practicing. So anything that reminds you to practice is helpful. While simplifying the message may not be a substitute for the original philosophy or practice, making it shorter (key phrases) can remind you of the deeper sentiments. Acronym is another tool. Here’s one I heard, to remind yourself to be mindful:


Recognize (see what’s taking place at the present moment)

Allow/Accept (acknowledging what is taking place at the present moment)

Investigate (go deeper into what’s happening, emotionally, physically, intellectually)

Non-identification (detach the thoughts and emotions of the moment, etc. from who you are, as these emotions don’t make you a bad person: they don’t define you.)

Remembering and practicing RAIN should lead us to be more responsive instead of reactive.

It is often taught as part of vipassana training for how to deal with emotions (good or bad). Full description can be found here. I heard an additional “N” that has been helpful: Name [the emotion], because by naming something, it loses its power. It’s true with management, relationships and dealing with politics as well: to name the dragon is to tame the dragon.

Photo: Colorful Buddhist temple ceiling in Seoul, South Korea.


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