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On Keeping Your Commitments


People are more likely to honor commitments or come through on promises when they are

  1. publicly declared (i.e., you announce it to other people what the promise is), or
  2. stated as a consequence of an external condition (e.g., when it is 8 am, I will exercise)

Unfortunately, politicians do both but they don’t seem to come through with their commitments: “WHEN I am President (#2), I will… (#1)”

Perhaps the zeroth factor is that when we make the commitments, we actually want to and plan on honoring it.

For the rest of us, genuinely wanting to honor our promises to others or to ourselves, the above factors combined with techniques should improve our batting average. See 15/5 report (send the report to your supervisors and coworkers to be accountable, and to list it in a way that the tasks will be done as a consequence of an external condition, e.g., “right after the staff mtg, I’ll meet with the marketing person to finalize the budget”), categorizing your task list, and other time management methods.

Photo: Art installation in Sonoma, California


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