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On Rebooting


I enjoy using specialized terms in everyday life. They needn’t be obscure or intellectual, but usually only used within that domain or industry. I especially like using computer terms because most people know them and because of they often evoke concepts that can be served as metaphors: “I have to pop my stack”, “my RAM is full”, “I need more swap space”, etc.

My favorite is “reboot”. Things get complicated, messed up, or you realize there was a big mistake you made earlier on where you wished you could reboot. Unlike SimCity or your frozen operating system, however, you can’t just start your life all over again (and why would you want to, except to pretend to be Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog’s Day?).

Recently on Dharma podcast about failures, Gil Fronsdal shared what you can do when you get frustrated in meditation (or in life). Rather than hold on so tightly to each breath and start shooting second arrows to yourself as to why you aren’t able to do it right, simply start over, as if it were your first breath again.

I realized that it was a limitation in my mind that prevented me from rebooting, as it was just another term for embracing the beginner’s mind.

Photo: Briksdal Glacier, near Olden, Norway

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