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On Valuing the Lives of Veterans and Refugees


In our culture, we are often presented with a x vs. y argument (“the versus problem”) , where one is right, the other wrong, or one is preferable. It is easy to goad others into choosing one thing over another when they don’t have to choose (e.g., Facebook posts that say “Click ‘Like’ if you agree that we should take care of our veterans before we take in any more refugees”). The assumption is that if you click ‘Like’, you value “one of your own” more than a foreigner’s life, or that you respect the military, and/or that you are somehow, therefore, patriotic.

The irony is that a click doesn’t save either of those groups (because…social media activism), while being influenced that these two topics must oppose each other. The crime is somehow being made to believe that by saving any resources by refusing to take in any refugees would be then diverted to take better care of the veterans. We can do both, and we must do both.

Photo: Decorated door by the Textile Museum in Toronto, Canada

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