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On Differentiating Leaving To/For and Leaving From


It’s better to leave to than leave. When you leave, you are looking to put an end to something negative about that environment. When you leave to do something else specifically, and to do something new, then the focus is on wanting to do something positive (vs. leaving a negative situation).

But because we all have a level of internal inertia, we wouldn’t necessarily leave for something else unless there was sufficient level of discomfort or boredom that got you looking for other options in the first place.

Perhaps this is why a friend of mine once said when people quit their jobs, in many cases, because they want to “quit” their bosses.

Whether it’s a job or not, when you consider leaving your existing situation, it’s worth wondering if you are leaving from something or leaving for something, with the bigger question, would this external change bring about the expected changes, or is how you are feeling internal to you?

Photo: Train at Truckee Station, California


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