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On Vocabulary: Longcut


Longcut is when a “shortcut” takes longer than the normal route, or saves no time at all, according to the Urban Dictionary. I prefer the Wikipedia definition: a path between two points that is not the shortest or quickest route.

I first learned this term when my colleague driving us back to our office encountered traffic: “let’s take the longcut”. In this case, it was a longer route, and possibly took longer, but avoided all the road blocks and honking. It was the right thing to do to keep our minds calm for the problems we did have control over back at the office.

So, my revised definition is a non-shortcut you take to avoid certain aspects (e.g., crowds) to optimize for something other than distance or time.

The word also reminded me of what my family used to say: the quickest or easiest way, is not necessarily the right way. It’s ok to take the easy way out, but we should know the difference when we do.

Photo: Dorasan, the last train station in South Korea before North Korea: it takes the shortest distance but it will be a while before we can take that route.


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