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On Quick Editing


Corollary to “writing as a product vs. a process“, is a hint for quick editing.

When people ask me to edit, the document is usually too long: too long for some set maximum or there are extra points and words that actually take away from what the author wanted to convey.

We tend to start to write as a process and when we finish writing, treat it as a product. While the process phase is valuable to end up with a better product, it isn’t usually fit as a product. This process phase tend to happen at the beginning of the document or a presentation (usually warming up to what they really wanted to say), so a quick thing you can do when it’s tight for space is to see if you can slash from the beginning portion of the document. It usually works.

Photo: Millesgården, an art museum and sculpture garden on the island of Lidingö in Stockholm, Sweden


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