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On Special Purpose Journaling: “What’s Next” Notebook


When my friend lost his partner, his grief and loss counselor suggested he keep a journal. Its main purpose was to allow yourself to put your emotions down on paper, and by doing so, you might access more underlying emotions. It wasn’t  meant to be a literally masterpiece you would read later.

I thought about other reasons people kept a journal.

Another friend recently told me about a journal she kept called “What’s Next” notebook, while she was in between jobs. With many things in flux when you are in between jobs, it made sense to me to jot down thoughts and ideas that spanned from logistical and financial to emotional and aspirational. Unlike a traditional journal where the entries are organized by dates, her notebook was organized by topics. Each day, you can write down your thoughts on a page under the right heading.

Here are some sample “chapter headings”:

  • What Brings Me Joy
  • Travel Destinations
  • Dream Jobs
  • Things I Want To Do (more of)

What’s great is that she told me there are many things in the entries she did make happen.

I might add another category, where I fill out the following sentences:

  • I LOVE _________________________________.
  • I’M GOOD AT ___________________________.
  • I WANT TO _____________________________.

While job search process is often demoralizing and time seems to dilate in between interviews, that phase does end at some point, after which you will be mad busy acclimating to a new job environment, new skills, and new responsibilities. It made sense to remember that the time between jobs is a gift of time you can choose to structure however you want, and take away from it whatever you want.

She also reminded me that I should have a pen I enjoy writing with to jot down my thoughts in the “What’s Next” Notebook. She’s preaching to the choir, of course (see previous blog): I’m on my way to the stationery store.

Photo: Yet another charming street in picturesque Orvieto, Italy.


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