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On Corporate Time Management


While many hacks focus on the individual, like the Pomodoro, implementing team time management is harder. Here’s a new time management practice I learned last week for corporate operations.

On top of scrum, weekly status update meetings, weekly goals on “war boards” outlining the work stream behind five identified goals, Shoto, a photo sharing app company, also sets up a trimester schedule instead of the standard quarterly schedule. Each trimester is the same as the quarter in length but they take a month off break in between to regroup.

The pace is extremely important for Shoto’s founder, because he thinks about what pace do they need to have in order to match the top dog in the sector (who presumably has more resources). He speaks about setting and maintaining the “natural velocity” for his company.

There are infrastructural tools that help contribute to these time-conscious planning practices, such as deploying Slack, a messaging app for teams, which has cut down 85% of their email traffic.

I also liked their system of “ice box”, where things you come up with that needs to be done during the week gets posted but not acted on until the weekly meeting, where it can be discussed, assigned, etc. to ensure coherent tactics among the team.

Thanks, Sachin Dev Duggal for sharing these items of the top of his head. It’s worthwhile to note that the topic he was speaking on was about global expansions. The lesson was not lost on me that many of the suggestions for a successful global operation had to do with supporting a flat structure through healthy and robust communication practices which reduced down to time management.

Time is, indeed, money, and it is, globally.

Photo: Seoul TV Tower on Mt. Namsan, South Korea


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