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On Product Development (Notes from The Lean Startup)


Even if I were ok marking books, I realized it was harder to find passages I wanted to recall, or what lessons I learned from them. So, when I stopped buying books, I started to use sticky notes to jot down things I wanted to remember from the books I was reading, and placed them with my other piles of sticky notes of observations and reflections. So far, it’s working out better than marking books or taking notes in notebooks.

Here’s a sample of the kind of notes I take to fit on sticky notes. This note is from reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

Kodak Gallery Product Development Questions (as outlined in The Lean Startup)

  1. Do consumers recognize that they have the problem you are trying to solve?
  2. If there was a solution, would they buy it?
  3. Would they buy it from us?
  4. Can we build a solution for that problem?

“Success is not delivering a feature. Success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.”
—Mark Cook, VP of Products, Kodak Gallery (as quoted by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup)

Photo: fields in Wiltshire, England


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