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On Having a Boss You Deserve


“If only I had a better teacher, I would have been better at x.” is a statement I heard often from teenagers. Then I had the equivalent from adults about their bosses.

If you can’t change who your teacher is or your boss, then the best course of action I found was to respond to your less-than-ideal boss as if s/he was the nurturing and wise boss you always wanted.

You have to dig deep to do it. First of all, you have to get over your feeling of entitlement of having a boss you deserve, and then also your anger and/or resentment towards them that makes you want to punish them by making the interaction more difficult for them, or to not provide them what they asked for. When your motivation is clear that you are putting yourself first by wanting the best results possible (whether the boss gets the credit or not, on your behalf), you can transcend the pettiness and stop sabotaging your own performance. Is complaining about the boss another form of procrastination or an excuse to not give it your best shot?

Lastly, be the boss you wanted and frame the problem that needs to be solved, and solve that. While the environment matters, you are still responsible for your own performance.

Photo: Odense, Denmark


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