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On Winning Revolutions & Implementing Ideas


I can’t remember where I learned the idea that in order to win a revolution, you have to convince and mobilize the middle third (meaning the “top” third of the group are already supporting the cause, and the “bottom” third are nay sayers who aren’t going to agree, but the neutral, perhaps apathetic middle third, can be swayed to join the supporters).

Then I heard that when you actually want to implement the ideas that came out of the revolution, you should “kill” the revolutionaries (because while their rhetoric made sense theoretically, they may not be the right people to actually implement the ideas, which require more finesse, consensus building, etc.).

I think more about having a small success in your pocket you can build on, to avoid having a revolution and the bloody massacres all together. Then you’ve got to involve the most vocal groups (in opposition or in agreement) to get their buy in first, so it becomes their project to build. It’s not as dramatic but, IMHO, more effective.

Photo: tiles adorn the top of walls in Nara, Japan

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