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On Horrible Ideas


Louis C.K. apparently used to come up with bad jokes on purpose to contrast his job to deliver good jokes for his living (e.g., “Why can’t a soldier look wistfully at the ocean?” “Because there’s no gaze in the military”).

I realized I was doing the same thing when I would come up with a horrible idea for a restaurant to go out to, just so my husband could counter with a better one when we were being indecisive (which we simply call, “the game”, but I refer to the general technique as the “McDonald’s Method” or maneuver).

Along the same lines as thinking of just the premises of stories, I would think about bad premises for a business. I would call them horrible ideas, based on a real business company Horrible Logos, where you give them $5 and a name of your entity that needs a logo, and WHOMP, they send you a logo drawn by a Sharpie. My friends and I have used it for fun.

Then I started thinking about “Horrible Tattoos”. That would be pretty horrible, wouldn’t it?

It’s actually hard to come up with what would be horrible. Not just bad. So bad, it’s horrible.

Business mashup was easier to do (inspired by a stop I saw in Honolulu where a barbershop was also a pager reseller): comedy club within a dental clinic. Actually, dental clinic has a lot of potential. Since you are already in a chair, psychotherapy?

ok, this blog post was a horrible idea.

Photo: new apartment complex called the “iceberg” by Aarhus Harbor, Denmark


One comment on “On Horrible Ideas

  1. Robert Brewer
    November 10, 2015

    Here’s a pretty horrible tattoo:


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