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A Traveler’s Thought: On Moving as a Clean Start


When you move, you can peel away the expectations you’ve had of yourself, and those projected onto you from others. It is surprising how much of who we are (or seem to be who we are) results from our reactions to the environment which when repeated, becomes part of you.

Without friends to reinforce these parts of you, you are forced to examine what you stand for and why. What you want to do and why. How you want to be, and how you might really be. It’s both freeing and unsettling at the same time.

I realized the clean slate you get with a move to another part of the earth has a similar affect on corporate identity. While there is no silver bullet for a quick fix to a dysfunctional corporate culture, moving of offices can reboot the whole system. Be strategic about it, the reboot may not recreate the same dysfunctions. Who gets what office and why, who will be grouped together, whose office will be closest to the front door, to your office? How will the desks be arranged? Will there be a staff lunch room? Where would be the photocopier be? And perhaps more importantly, the water cooler?

Office moves I was involved in started off as a logistical or financial need, but when you are hungry for resources and committed to building a healthy corporate culture, you want to play every card well and do double duty to benefit the future. It’s not easy, as there will be “who moved my cheese” complaints and anxieties, but avoiding these comments wasn’t going to get the company anywhere; further, the root of these complaints may be what you can address by an office move.

Photo: A sculpture in a fountain in an office park in Aarhus, Denmark


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