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On “Pearls of Life”


My friend has his own “sticky notes of thoughts”. But unlike mine, he records his thoughts in Evernote. I suppose it’s the electronic version of sticky notes. He has a clear purpose for these thoughts, which he calls, “pearls of life”: the sole criterion for these thoughts is something he thinks will help his ten year old son go through life.

His Evernote contains books he should when he’s older, like ones by Malcolm Gladwell, or it could be a Youtube video, or a program for kids to learn how to code. But sometimes they are lessons he learned in his life. Things you don’t find in books, like when your stomach isn’t feeling well, and you “have an accident”, don’t try to wash the underwear. Just throw it out. “You think it’d be a good idea to wash that spot, but in reality, it goes everywhere. Just toss it.”

We go through life and learn a few lessons. How wonderful that he takes his time to jot them down for his son. He relays these pearls at the appropriate time.

His wife assures me the underwear lesson has already been presented.

I’m hoping he will share with me the Evernote, as I’m sure there’ll be a lesson for me in there as well. But more so, I wonder how his son’s reaction would be as these pearls are revealed to him.

Photo: Hans Christian Anderson mural in Odense, Denmark (his birth place). Known for his fairy tales, when he was dying, he apparently told his friend to make sure that the tempo of the funeral march was appropriate for children for their small steps.


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