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On Being Late

Something clicked in my head when an administrator who came late to a meeting when I was teaching said “I never used to be late when I was a teacher. It’s only since when I became an administrator.”


I thought it was odd because it wasn’t her personality trait, some inability to tell time, that made her late, because she was clearly on time to arrive to her classroom to teach. It must be that something in her said it was ok to be late. It’s not true that she was busier than when she was teaching, though she could have thought she was busier as an administrator. We all have 24 hours in a day, and somehow, being an administrator, her time was more important. At least that’s what I took away from that incident.

I recently read this blog post that states the matter even more directly: that being late is rude and selfish.  Since you can’t change what other people do, I thought about why I didn’t want to be late. I take it as a matter of respect not to be late. I want to respect the people who managed the other aspects of their lives to be on time. Why would I not to do the same?

Different cultures view and experience the passage of time differently. I look forward to exploring that. But within time of a western construct, I strive to be the one people can expect not to be “late”.

Photo: Florence, Italy, where its space-time is punctuated by churches and their bells whose rings fill up its skies.


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