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On Making It Yours


When I discover something I like… something that speaks to me, like  a new word, a management technique, a cooking ingredient, it seems like I’m a hammer where everything looks like a nail: it colors aspects of my life beyond the original area of intrigue. A mindfulness lesson, for example, is applied to strategic planning, pops up in thinking about how to do the dishes, alters the way I walk to the library.

But like a chef who just discovered wasabi and giddy with it so everything s/he cooks is flavored, marinated, and paired with wasabi, it’s just the first step.

It isn’t truly yours until you can incorporate it so you leave your signature on it as well, rather than having it mark you. Like a martial art move, practicing the move/technique and surrounding yourself in the concept, we can keep reducing it down to its very essence, smaller and smaller so it just wraps who we are, and it becomes a part of us.

Photo: Carmel, California

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