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On John Luther Adams’ Composition Process


From Meet the Composer podcast’s interview with John Luther Adams:

“I try to resist composing for as long as I can. I try to get to something essential before I start manipulating notes. I try to hold things in my mind’s ear as long as I can.”

“If I’m trying to remember something I can’t quite name, trying to hear it focuses my attention in a certain way and then I finally start composing when I can not compose—and I have to write it down.”

“You have an idea and continually remembering it—making many xerox copies of it until it becomes something so steeped it becomes a piece.”

I respect his process.

And on listening (to modern classical music), he said:

“Be brave—savor the new and the unfamiliar. It is a good thing. It leads to new ways of being in the world. Let go and sink into the music—your ears will tell you how to listen. Music will tell you how to listen.”

Indeed, “The Wind in High Places” with its natural harmonics and open strings transforms you to that place that may or may not exist, pure in its existence.

Like many sincere and reflective thoughts, his quotes apply to many forms of creation and experiences.

Photo: Idyllwild, California

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