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On Crossing Disciplines


One of the appeals of Computer Science is that it brings tools to innovate other fields. As such, and being a relatively new discipline, it seems like Computer Science is also a great discipline which can borrow analysis techniques, approaches, solutions from other fields such as mathematics to push itself forward. In turn the techniques used in computer science shift paradigms of other disciplines.

My friend who is a Computer Science professor at the University of Hawaii has successfully applied established mathematical theories to server network topology. Another professor in the same department applies the fitness concept of “crossfit training” in teaching software engineering to his students.

On a macro level, the entrepreneurial approach to product development and operation of corporations, lean startup, shares some of its concepts from lean manufacturing, a method developed by Toyota and Honda for car manufacturing now used globally for manufacturing and beyond. Lean startup has now been imported back to established corporations to aid them respond more quickly to the changing market and to be more innovative.

It seems so simple to see the theories from one discipline successfully applied to another after the fact. As our educational system chases the latest fad and favor science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at the expense of other subjects, I wonder how the specialized students will see the larger picture from their compartmentalized knowledge and experience.

I hope people see value in interdisciplinary approaches and cross disciplinary applications by watching one of the best examples of what I am trying to articulate here: how approaches and analytical tools used in contagious disease work is applied to addressing violence.

Photo: Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy, where many characters from the Renaissance Era applied their knowledge without compartmentalization.


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