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On Solving Big Problems


“When an international organization, Save the Children, opened their office in Vietnam to fight malnutrition, Jerry Sternin did not import any best practices. Instead, he sought out children in the region who came from poor families, yet did not suffer from malnutrition. He then explored their environment and studied why they were healthier. For example, some families fed their children smaller but more frequent meals, which allowed for better digestion. These practices could then be adopted by families with malnourished children. Indeed, the co-authors of Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard and Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, advocate the use of “finding the bright spot” within the community and then copying that success.” (Innovation Framework Forward, p. 19)

We think big problems require big solutions. If Sternin looked for big solutions, ones that address economic, agricultural and infrastructure problems, these children would not have survived.

Localized solutions more than likely already exist. Before we give up on these solutions because you aren’t sure if they can be scaled up, it’s worth giving it another look.

The full innovation Framework Forward report, which identifies some “healthy kids” in the innovation space in the State of Hawaii, can be downloaded from

Photo: Street art in London, U.K.


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