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On Sangria (recipe)

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You bought a bottle of wine you didn’t care for. You got invited to a party and got assigned “drinks”. Some friends who are finicky about wine are coming over for dinner. An easy solution for all of the above is wine cocktails.

Sangria is my go-to wine-based drink, because once you master the basic recipe, the world is your oyster, and it seems to be a crowd pleaser. The formula approach allows you to give more freedom to improvise.

The basic ingredients and measurements are as follows:

  1. Wine
    • a bottle of either red or white will do
  2. Sliced citrus fruit
    • orange and lime (1 – 2 cups)
    • hard fruits can be added to the mix, like apples and nectarines
  3. Liquor
    • a shot or two of brandy, triple sec, amaretto, anything that would go well with citrus fruit
  4. Soda water
    • plus a couple table spoons of sugar, or
    • already sugared soda such as ginger ale; 2 cups
  5. Spices, etc.
    • cinnamon stick is an attractive touch visually
    • if using smaller spices, like whole cloves, make sure it’s in a cheese cloth or you can easily sieve it out later (when I use smaller spices, I usually have it soaking in the wine bottle, separately from the fruits and sieve the spices out before combining with the fruit)
    • depending on how harsh the wine and acidic the fruit, you might want to add more sugar. I usually dissolve it in some hot water so I don’t end up mushing the fruit stirring to dissolve the sugar

I slice up the fruit the night before and soak it in liquor (and wine, if I have room in the fridge to store overnight), then add soda water after the guests arrive so you don’t’ lose the fizz. A nice touch is adding frozen strawberries or blueberries when you are serving them, so they act as ice cubes. Frozen grapes work well, especially in a white wine sangria. I don’t add them beforehand because they get mushy.

I make sure to serve the fruit in the glass first, then fill it up with the liquid, to ensure each guest gets some liquor-soaked fruit. You can work out some combinatorics with your favorite liqueur, fruits and soda…red vs. white wine.


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