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On the Importance of Opinions and Filters


When I assigned a senior staff to research a topic for a project and asked to report on it and present his recommendations, I realized the importance of opinions and filters. I prefer to hire people for their judgment than “experience” represented by a list of past employers and tenure in their resumes. I trusted his judgment, which is why I asked him to perform this task whose results I was going to use to make my final decision. Perhaps he didn’t trust his own judgment: he proceeded to give me a blow by blow of his process and findings, summaries of all the research he’s done.

It took me a while to articulate to him that I valued his filters, created by his judgment and opinions he formed from his research, and that while I respected his courtesy in providing me the opportunity to experience what he digested, I was more interested in the resulting analysis based on his filters first.

Photo: Osaka, japan. Taken without a filter, though I’m sure fiddling with filters would have been fun.


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