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On Pick-me-ups


Most dictionaries define “pick-me-up” as a drink or a snack that makes you feel better and more lively. Non-consumable pick-me-ups can be just as restorative, if not more. While I make sure to keep bars of dark chocolate around, a brisk walk outside, a chat with a friend, or imagining sea turtles basking in the afternoon sun, can either energize me or brighten up my mood.

For when the “funk” lingers, where you feel you’ve lost your compass and self-doubt starts to take up residence in my mind, I keep a “kudos file”, named after the Greek word meaning honor or acclaim. I often advise my staff to do the same, because there will be a day when you feel like you could use a security blanket at work. I used to keep two kudos files: one physical (a string on one side of the office where thank you and other cards are hung) and one virtual (an email folder). They contain letters of praise or appreciation that made me feel good when I received them.

We are so quick to focus on our own (and others’) short comings, to the point that we forget what good deeds we have done. The kudos file serves as evidence for when our minds are convinced that we haven’t done anything worthwhile. Besides, when people take the time to send thank you notes and expressions of appreciation, isn’t it a nice gesture to gain benefit from it more than once? It also serves as a reminder to take the time to express my appreciation for people I work with in a thoughtful and useful manner, worthy of storage in someone else’s kudos file.

Photo: Kona, Hawaii


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