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On Five Etudes of Mindfulness/Buddhism in Three Words*


Because 1) “embrace pith” is part of the URL of this blog, 2) thoughts for these posts came on pieces of sticky notes, and 3) I was intrigued by Hemmingway’s “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” and other six word stories, I started collecting pithy phrases that embodied big ideas or philosophies.

Here are five on mindfulness and/or Buddhism, each with ~3 words*:

  1. Be here now
  2. Not always so
  3. Respect: look again
  4. No preference, no problem
  5. Be harmless

Be here now refers to being mindful in the present, a simple enough concept but difficult to practice consistently. Not always so is a phrase by Shunryu Suzuki, a Zen master, reminding us to experience our environment and ourselves without preconceived notion. Respect: look again examines the Latin root of the word respect (re: back; specere: look at), which provides a practical way to show respect, an abstract concept. No preference, no problem presents a way of being which will reduce stress from wanting things to be different than the way they are, one of the causes of suffering identified in Buddhism. Be harmless is short for be harmless to others and to yourself, a spirit of pacification, an important aspect of Buddhism.

These phrases capture enough of the underlying concepts and are short enough to remember, that they help me remember to practice these concepts in everyday life.

*3 words on average

Photo: Hiroshima (site of the first atomic bomb dropped in Japan)


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