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On Being A Client


An attorney friend of mine has three kids, triplets, actually. One day when they were still quite young, probably when they were chatting amongst themselves which was better, being a firefighter or a truck driver, my friend sat them down and told them, “in life, you want to be a client”.


Maybe the triplets are much smarter than I am, because I am still thinking about this statement years later. What are the implications of being a client in life?

As a client, you are the one being served. it’s in many ways a privileged role you can play in life. It’s a father’s wish that his kids will be the ones being served, their needs being attended to. As a client, you get to select who serves you, what services you want delivered, how.

Life as a client is not necessarily easy, however. The control you have comes with responsibilities to articulate what you envision, set a standard that meets your expectations, know how to get the most out of people who are serving you, and more. I don’t know if he meant to differentiate the term client from other related words such as customer (more explicitly stating there’s financial relationship involved) and user (denotes a more passive and delineated relationship with the person providing the service?). Client to me, indicates an on-going relationship that you foster. As a client, you know what you want.

Perhaps, then, it is also a father’s wish for his triplets to grow up to know what they want, be wise and compassionate, fostering others to excel at their craft which in turn serves them.


One comment on “On Being A Client

  1. Mark K Muakami
    March 23, 2015


    Thanks for sharing. Wow. For others, I am that father, and my kids are now 16 years old, so many years have passed. I think the advice is still sound. As a client you are the one on the receiving end of the service, and you are the one in charge. I guess that was my main point. That said, I think it is also a privilege to be the service provider, as the client needs you, if you are good at what you do. As Yuka says, there are responsibilities that come with being the client – – to be fair, to be articulate, and to be grateful. What I also told my kids way back then, was “Even if you are the client, you will always have a boss! mkm

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