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On Consensus (with dance moves)


In David Byrne’s latest book, How Music Works, he describes a dance exercise a choreographer he was working with, Noémie Lafrance, had him do:

  1. Improvise movements to the music to come up with an 8-count “phrase”, a short series of moves that can be repeated
  2. When you find a phrase you like, “loop” (repeat) it
  3. When you see someone else with a stronger phrase, copy it
  4. The exercise is over when you have unison.

The exercise captured my imagination, even though I have no feel for rhythm or movements, because it appeared to be an evolution of dance moves where the strongest survives. Moreover, the give and take that could happen in the early steps (presumably you can copy parts of what others are doing to come up with the phrase you like), the exercise also seemed like what consensus would look like animated.


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