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A Traveler’s Thought (March 2014)

2014-03-11 15.58.36 We start off as tourists visiting places you read in a guidebook, searching for what you wanted to see. You walk around in a bubble, only taking in information you need, like street signs: you can’t and don’t hear or see Danish. They are just garbled sounds or collection of scrambled letters. Then one day, your mind starts registering things subconsciously, randomly, like a motto under a supermarket logo, saying “vi gør mere for dig” (we do more for you). You see that the long gibberish looking word is actually the plural definite form of a noun you already know. There’s no shutting off the valve. Another step towards integration. Will I still consider cobble-stoned sidewalks quaint in a year? Or will I just take the same crocus photos to signify the end of the cold dark season* with the rest of the Danes? 2014-03-11 15.59.04 * It is not clear why, but in Denmark, March 1 signals the beginning of Spring. Why is it significant? Mainly because the ice cream chain Paradis (“is” is ice cream in Danish, so it’s a pun) gives out free ice cream to celebrate their reopening for the season the day before. Watch out for the tan-colored ice cream: it’s not mocha, it’s lakrids (licorice). Hyldeblomst (elderflower) is a popular flavor for beverage and it’s also available as a sorbet. 2014-03-11 16.01.08


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