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On Business Cards and Handshakes

2012-12-16 18.13.00 Pointers I gave to my staff for networking at events include the top hits covered by many “how to network” articles, such as how best to introduce yourself and how to remember their names. Here are a few twists that may not be covered in the standard manuals:

  1. Business Cards
    • Bring enough
    • If it’s a convention/conference and you have a plastic badge case, put your business cards in the back of your name tag case, so you’ll have them handy (these cases are also great for packing them for business trips)
    • Present the card so it’s facing the person you are giving it to
    • Jot down key points of your new connection on the back of their business card, e.g., what they asked you to get back to them about, details about the person you want to remember, date and the event you met them at (avoid this maneuver in Japan, as it’s considered taboo)
  2.  Handshakes
    1. Have a firm one! Practice now* (especially women: handshakes are not curtsies, it’s not meant to be a demure gesture)
    2. Eat any finger foods at the event with your left hand, so your right hand remains clean to reach out for a handshake

I get funny looks when I tell them the last point. It’s more important than you realize (until you make that mistake and get caught with hot wing sauce on your fingers when someone introduces you to a potential client). *First handshake point is dedicated to Ms. Addison, my high school principal who insisted on shaking her hand again if yours was not up to her standards (and she also insisted we knew how to curtsy properly)…may she rest in peace.

Photo: at Chef Mavro, Honolulu, Hawaii


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