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On New York City


This city that never sleeps is also a city of infinite possibilities. I am reminded of its essence even more when I am passing through it for a few days, making the stay even more intense. Plotting a course between our hotel and a museum in the morning, I had a craving for some Spanish food..specifically for Basque cuisine. A few moments on Yelp yields one result en route. When you think of something and you can find it so easily, it affects the way you start to think: the world is your oyster in NYC. Your imagination is the only limit. (And in a city like this, if no result materialized, you would just think to yourself, “hey, a business opportunity!”)


GRAND CENTRAL a poem by Billy Collins [b. 1941]
The city orbits around eight million
centers of the universe
and turns around the golden clock
at the still point of this place.
Lift up your eyes from the moving hive
and you will see time circling
under a vault of stars and know
just when and where you are.



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