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On Good vs. Great Technology

Good technologies get logistical challenges out of the way, so we can focus on getting the core job done to accomplish our goals.
Great technologies open up possibilities to do jobs we wouldn’t have imagined before.

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And then there’s just “technology” which simply automates your existing procedures without any benefits, or worse, also replicates steps not required in the automated version. Before replacing the procedures with technology, there needs to be a review of what tasks it should accomplish and streamline to those tasks, rather than replicating the existing processes.

A related quote from Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of Wired magazine (from a Freakonomics podcast interview):

“I think of myself as a minimalist in the sense that I am looking for the minimum amount of technology that will maximize my options.”

He goes onto say, “So while I am, in my role at Wired, a cheerleader for the benefits of technology, I’m trying to maximize the number of choices that we have in the world, I’m trying to actually minimize the number of things in my own life at the same time.”

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