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On Performance Reviews (how to start them)

The Bento Box/Origami Method: 1) Fold a scrap piece of paper in half: and write out anything and everything that come to mind about the person you are reviewing on half of the paper. Do not filter yourself: it does not have to be constructive, or well-worded. Jot everything down. Get it out of your system. Give yourself 5 min.; 2) Fold the paper again so the half that is left blank is divided. Review the written portion and then write out what specific actions/examples they did that led you to write in Step (1) (e.g., completion/quality of deliverables); 3) Fold the paper again, so that the remaining white space is again halved, and write out and trends you see, or what the notes in Step (2) signifies (e.g., trend in lack of communication, improvement with deadlines); 4) In the remaining space, write down how this identified strengths/weaknesses can be leveraged/improved for the company’s overall performance (e.g., goals for the next period); 5) now get rid of the first half of your notes, and start typing the review in reverse order of your discovery.

* * *

Motivation: Most of my managers, even the ones who were punctual, missed deadlines when it came to giving performance reviews/evaluations. I came up with a method that provided an easier way to get started. I identified that if there are formal documents or forms they have to fill out, it is harder for them to start. I specifically advise them to write out their notes in long hand on pieces of paper they don’t care about, as if they are writing out a grocery list. Usually our emotions get in the way of phrasing our observations constructively, so rather than fight them, dump them onto half the page.

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One comment on “On Performance Reviews (how to start them)

  1. shopgirlanonymous
    January 28, 2015

    This is fantastic! I always free wrote before any important conversation with an employee to decipher what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. It also helped me weed out any trivial facts that were part of a personal frustration or tantrum. I love the folding though, really separating it all out! I will have to pass this one on someday!

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