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On Being New

My top pieces of advice to newcomers / employees in a new workplace:

A. Take on something new to the group,

B. Volunteer to take notes at meetings, and

C. Bring food to share

The motivations behind the actions:

Reasons for A:

1. People who are already there have enough on their plate, and are less eager to take on something new,

2. They may see new projects as a threat to their existing procedures, and

3. Better bang for the buck: everything is new to you, so if you start learning things others already know how to do well, you will not be as good as them at the beginning, while learning something new to the group will take you just as long as learning the existing procedures, and yet you can establish yourself as an expert in the group, making you more useful earlier in your tenure at the company.

Reasons for B:

1. No one likes to do it, so you won’t be stepping on anyone’s toes, and you’ll be accepted as a good sport by volunteering for a thankless job.

2. It will force you to listen and observe actively for the most relevant information you should learn right away, and for the group dynamics to understand the corporate culture.

3. It gives you the license to ask questions (because you have to understand what you are hearing to take good notes) without sounding too eager or nosy.

Reason for C:

Because…sharing is caring.

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