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A Traveler’s Thought (November 2013)

Reverse culture shock: I was warned about how odd it feels to be in an English speaking country after an extended stay elsewhere. It’s not so much that you actually understand all the random conversations going around you, or be able to read and understand signs you don’t care about, but that bubble formed from the detachment of not understanding the language is gone. That bubble affords me the time for my own thoughts and taking in the surroundings without external commentary…. Then coming back to Denmark from London, I was not prepared to feel at home with the bubble shield back on. More intriguing was that while I still don’t recognize spoken Danish, the sound of it felt comforting (even with its unpronounceable “dd”, “ø”, “æ” and “å” sounds). Perhaps in some odd way, Denmark is starting to feel like home. IMG_1877


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